Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The Visual Hospital Touchscreen Solution (e-VH)

Doing the right thing for every patient

We provide Lean Healthcare solutions to clinicians and managers that enable them to safely reduce the time patients stay in hospital.

After five years implementing Lean principles in various Healthcare establishments we wrote the book Making Hospitals Work and developed a bespoke ergonomic system, which accelerates Lean transformation, creates a common agenda for managers and clinicians, and enables hospitals to dramatically reduce patients’ length of stay.

Our patient-centric autonomated solution combines proven thinking with touchscreen technology supported by training and mentoring from recognised experts. It helps reduce the stress and administration overheads of clinicians and enables them to focus on individual patients. By using real-time patient information visible on the floor, clinicians can prioritise their daily workload and concentrate on their duties. It helps managers reduce costs by providing visual controls with action plans that enable them to make more informed decisions and schedule discharges to meet demand. The process increases throughput using the same resources * and provides managers with options to meet their targets.

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Visual Healthcare Solutions has brought together the Healthcare expertise of Senior Faculty Members from the Lean Enterprise Academy and Energized Work's innovative product development. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and, being (and wishing to remain) a small company, we are able to respond quickly and deliver solutions that work.

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* At one District General Hospital a 1.5 day reduction in the average length of stay (for acute medical patients) was realised within just thirty days. At another, a 47% increase in the throughput of acute medical patients was realised.

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