Thursday, 15 April 2010

Unexpected Demand

LEA recently sent out an e-letter inviting acute hospitals to form a club called the Door to Door Club.

Whilst there was considerable interest from acute hospitals we also, interestingly, received an enquiry from a mental health organisation.

Our initial response was that we felt that the Door to Door Club would not be of particular relevance to this organisation as it would be focussing on medical patient length of stay

Within a day or two we had received enquiries from another two mental health organisations. This was an unexpected demand that could not be ignored. These organisations all have a QIPP that they have to deliver. As a result, yesterday, we held a very inspiring meeting with these three organisations to discuss the potential for creating another club focussing on mental healthcare.

They did ask if we knew of any other such organisations that might be interested in joining such a club. Several mental health organisations are subscribed to the LEA site and we will be contacting them but if you work for a mental health organisation and are not a subscriber to the LEA site, please to contact us.

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