Monday, 5 July 2010

Lean Thinking for the NHS – The Sequel. We’re about to light the blue touch paper……

LEA’s report ‘Lean Thinking for the NHS’ published in 2006 identified the then existing lean pioneers and exemplars in healthcare and how lean could improve quality of care whilst containing costs.

When this first report was published it was almost midway through a ten year period that had seen the annual budget for the NHS in England more than double to over £102 billion up to a point where £1 of every £13 (7.7% GDP) produced by the UK economy was spent on healthcare.

Obviously that’s all changed dramatically now so we thought it was time to write an up-date. This reflection has lead us to a massive discovery, albeit something that we had suspected all along.

Another realisation was that this paper’s target audience must be the mandarins, the people at the top, the only one’s that can really make a difference. Remaining true to the scientific approach this paper describes the problem, the deep rooted causes to the problem and proposes countermeasures (quite dramatic ones)

As soon as this paper is completed fully, copies will be sent directly to the mandarins whereby we will be asking them to take stock and hopefully agree with, and endorse what we are saying.

Watch this space

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